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Studio Root Skin Care is a private skin care destination for professional skin care analysis, services, and take home products.


Located at the top of Highland Avenue where it intersects with North Fort Thomas Avenue. Plenty of street parking, or use the lot around the back of the building off of Woodland Place.


Directions: I-471, Grand Avenue exit. Go up the hill, take a left onto Highland Avenue. Travel all the way to the top. Studio Root Skin Care is on the left, just before it ends at North Fort Thomas Avenue.


Studio Root Skin Care is a member of the Fort Thomas Matters Family and the Fort Thomas Business Association.




Tami Root has been in the beauty industry for more than 30 years, and has been twice voted “Best of the City” by Cincinnati Magazine for Spa Services. Her simple approach to skin care and realistic expectations for its outcome allow her to customize each appointment to meet your needs.



Frequently Asked Questions

How long should my brows be for shaping?

Brows need about three weeks of untouched growth for the hair to be long enough for waxing services.  Tweezing and Dermaplaning require no special pretreatment. Please stop in for a free consultation.


Is there any down time with Dermaplaning?

No. You should use extra sunscreen and avoid exfoliation for 3-4 days afterward, but as soon as your planing is finished, you can get on with your day. The skin will be rosy, and it is fine to apply products to the skin.


Can you get rid of my fine lines and wrinkles?

Yes and no. Yes, Dermaplaning and microdermabrasion shed mature skin cells, clear out the lines on the face and brighten the complexion. No, because once the cellular structure of the elastin and collagen in the dermis starts breaking down, it is difficult to regenerate. Certain techniques temporarily plump the skin, drinking plenty of water, using sunscreen, eating a healthful diet, exercising, and proper care of the epidermis will improve tone and texture.


How can I prevent breakouts?

Drinking water and eliminating processed food from your diet are your first lines of defense. Using products to reduce pore size will give bacteria less room to breed. Treating your skin in a gentle manner, with proper cleansing techniques, will help the oil travel up the hair follicle and keep the ducts working properly. Using a mask will pull out debris and rid the epidermis of mature cells that can clog the pores. The length of time for a breakout can be reduced with high frequency current.


Do men get face treatments?

Male skin is in need of proper maintenance, too. Men have different needs than women. Ear hair becomes more of an issue as a man ages, and facial hair requires different techniques. Face treatments are a bit different for men, but just as important for maintaining proper grooming.



Brow Shaping

20 Minutes


Brows frame the face. Their ideal shape is determined by the shape of your eyes and nose. Shaping is a combination of waxing or Dermaplaning and tweezing to define brows.


45 Minutes


Mature skin cells and vellus hair (peach fuzz) are removed from the jaw line to the hair line. The hair does grow back, but not any thicker than it was prior to the service. Because the hair is shaved off with a #10 scalpel at a 45 degree angle, the hair and spent cells are removed close to the surface of the skin, leaving a rosy glow and a baby smooth surface.



Back Treatments

60 Minutes


Cleansing, exfoliation, masking, and massage for the hard to reach areas of your back. Annual back treatments allow monitoring of skin conditions you don’t often see. Each treatment is customized for specific results.




Face Treatments

60 Minutes


Each client receives a customized treatment plan, addressing his or her individual needs and concerns. Each treatment takes about an hour, and is a personalized combination from the skin care service options below.




Ionic Steamer With Ozone

High Frequency Current

Vacuum Suction

Galvanic Current

Rotary Brush



Electric Mittens & Booties


40% Lactic Acid Gel

Hot Stones

Essential Oils

Exfoliating Gloves



Organic/Natural Products


Paraffin Wax

Fruit Enzyme Peel





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